Happy Paws Dog Training

Happy Paws Dog Training

Private Dog Training, Dog Walks & Activities

Behavior Modification:
Aggressive, Dominant and
Fearful Dogs

Problem Solving:
Jumping, Nipping and Mouthing, Unruly Behavior, Begging, Stealing Food, Jumping on Furniture, Excessive Barking, Inappropriate Chewing, House Training, Digging, Bolting, Etc…

Dog Obedience Training:
Sit, Sit-Stay, Up-Sit, Down, Down-Stay, Stand, Stand-Stay, Heel, Return to Heel, Leave It, Come when called, Loose-Leash Walking, Working from a distance, Etc…

Family Owned and Operated!

Here at Happy Paws we truly believe in the oldest motto in the book, which is “A TIRED DOG IS A GOOD DOG” because a tired dog is a satisfied dog. This does not mean just physically satisfied, but also mentally satisfied. As children need daily exercise and activity, so do dogs. As children need to learn etiquette and receive an education, so do dogs with behavioral and obedience training. That’s why at Happy Paws we decided to offer you both, so that you can have a happy and balanced dog when you get home from your daily adventures.

Dan and Glenda have both lived in the east bay area their entire lives and have over 30 years of combined experience in the pet industry. Dan has been a dog trainer and behavior expert in the bay area for over 20 years and Glenda has worked for a very well-known pet hospital in the east bay area for over 10 years. They now devote their expertise to you and your family.

Please Call 925-322-0966 for Current Pricing or contact us. Certified, Insured and Bonded

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